Step 1. Read though Health + Safety Waiver

By booking a class with BeFitRoom, you confirm that you have read and understood our Fitness, Health and Safety Declaration/Waiver.

– You acknowledge that Sessions may be physically strenuous and You agree that You voluntarily participate in a Session with full knowledge that even if the Teacher and any other teacher involved in the Session is not negligent there is an inherent risk of personal injury or illness arising from Your participation in any exercise program and use of specialist equipment.

– Certain activities may be unsuitable for You if You have special needs, or any medical, health or fitness problem or condition.

– You must ensure that you are fit and well enough to participate in any Session that You book, and You will at all times be responsible for Your own state of health, physical condition and wellbeing.

– If You have any concerns about Your fitness or health, You should seek appropriate medical advice from Your GP, Physiotherapist or other relevant professional medical or other adviser and obtain their written consent where necessary before attending a Session. Advice provided by any member of the Yoga Kula team involved in a Session at no time constitutes medical advice and is not a substitute for advice provided by a medical professional.

– You confirm that You have no health or fitness problems (including, but not limited to cardiac irregularities; spinal, bone, joint, tendon or ligament injuries; spells of dizziness; asthma or other breathing difficulty; diabetes; epilepsy or other allergy) which may affect your participation in any Session.

You confirm that:

– We have advised You to tell Us of any special physical needs, any issue relating to Your health, fitness or physical limitations of which You are aware, and any medical condition or on-going medical treatment, which might be relevant to any activity to be undertaken at a Session.

– We have advised You that You must tell Us:

– of any medical condition or are taking any medication which may affect Your ability to undertake any activities at a Session or to use any equipment or facilities provided by Us.

– of any circumstances affecting Your health which may be worsened by any activities at a Session; and

– if you are pregnant, and if so whether You are in the first 3 months of Your pregnancy.

– We will inform You if We decide not to accept Your booking because of that medical, health or fitness issue or special need.

– You must not attend any Session when under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs or immediately following a heavy meal.

Online + Virtual Classes

– If you are attending an online or virtual class, you must be based in the UK or Europe.

– If practicing from home, you accept full responsibility for your space and the health and safety precautions within this space.

– Please ensure the space you are practicing in is clear from any obstacles such as coffee tables, rugs and any other furniture to avoid the potential for injuries.

– You acknowledge that BeFitRoom accept no responsibility for any potential injuries as a result of practice outside of the studio space.

I have read and understood the above statement.

Step 2. 

Sign Initials and submit the waiver  

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